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Interview with Julie Claire Guénette, Energy Healer

Check out this video with Be3 Health and Life Coaching and Julie Claire Guénette. Recently we had the opportunity to interview Julie Claire to discuss her field of work as an Energy Healer. We felt it was well worth sharing because her work is very specific, eye-opening and enlightening. I have had the pleasure of working with Julie Claire and her work is very impressive.

Personally, I had never heard of a Energy Healer until I met Julie Claire a few months ago The gift that she shares with the world is imperative at a time when people have been quarantined and are in need of adjusting to the "new norm". It is the perfect time to reevaluate ourselves and dive into a little self-tuning.

Julie Claire is passionate about her work. On her website, she describes and embodies her core purpose. She really helps one to understand the depth of her work as she helps clients to:

BUILD strong inner foundations to ground our Essence deep into Gaia’s core

ALIGN the Body-Mind Connection to fully integrate and release stagnant energies from our bodies

ACTIVATE the Sacred Heart Space to feel and heal our childhood wounds and other types of traumas

AWAKEN the Spiritual Dimension to access our Divine Self and express Divine Will,


ASCEND into higher planes of existence as we discover and embody just how Beautiful and Majestic We Truly Are!

Thank you, Julie Claire for such an insightful interview!

Visit her website at

Also, check out a few of her energy healing videos on YouTube at

We hope you enjoyed the interview with Julie Claire. Please comment and let us know your thoughts on Energy Healing. We would love to engage in the comment section with you!

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