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5 Detrimental Tips for Clearing Kitchen Clutter

Clutter negatively impacts the energy around us & our mood which affects our overall way of life. How often is the state of our minds physically reflected in the world around us? Our kitchen is no different. You may have a desire to cook more or just eat out less but you are far less likely to achieve this goal if being in your cluttered kitchen is a deterrent. For that reason we have 5 steps to make this task easier! Try to knock out one a day or one a week!

Kitchen Area #1: Fridge, Freezer & Pantry:

• Check expiration dates on condiments and toss expired products.

• Throw week-old produce in the compost.

• Get rid of products that contain trans fats and GMOs.

• Wipe down and/or wash shelves.

• Decant grains, seeds, nuts, flours from plastic or cardboard into glass jars (the food

will keep longer and stay fresher and bug free)

• Donate products that you no longer eat or use to a local food bank in your area.

Kitchen Area #2: Utensil drawers:

• Empty out your utensil drawer and keep only utensils that are high quality, not

broken, and useful and donate the rest (for example: instead of having 5 wooden

spoons, keep your best one and take the rest to Goodwill).

Kitchen Area #3: Cabinets:

• Find at least 3 unused kitchen gadgets or items and take them to Goodwill.

Kitchen Area #4: Cleaning products:

• Replace old, dirty dish cloths, sponges and wiping cloths with new ones.

• If you like the smell of your dishwashing liquid, great, keep using it. If you don’t,

find one that you like the smell of, is preferably eco-friendly and bleach free or

better yet google online how to make your own. It’s not that hard, you’ll see!

Kitchen Area #5: Pots, Pans, Dishes & Silverware:

• Get rid of pots and pans that are burnt, rusted, badly stained or scratched. Also

pots and pans that are Teflon coated, aluminum, or copper are said to be

hazardous to your health so best to use stainless steel or cast iron.

• Throw away mugs, glasses, plates and bowls that are chipped or that you hate.

• Your cutlery is something you use to eat with every day. If you don’t like the look

of yours, replace it with cutlery that you do like.

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