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 Career Coaching

I am committed to helping guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals. Get in touch today by clicking the "Book Strategy Session" button and start taking control of your life with our career coaching tools and techniques.

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Start-Ups/ Entrepreneurs

Are you starting a new business or becoming an entrepreneur for the first time? We blend components of health coaching to also help you to manage stress.

  • Gain clarity on your vision & define what success means to you

  • Discover which action steps you need to take 

  • Create budgets & ensure as your income increases your spending habits do not

  • Learn to cultivate a great team dynamic & work culture 

  • Assess risk versus reward

  • Create time for self care

  • Balance relationships so that your personal life stays alive and thriving

Boss Coaching: Services

What's Included?

We will pull plays out my signature "Prosperity Playbook". All programs, be it pre-structured or customized, are created using the foundation of the Transformational Coaching Method exclusive only to HCI Graduates. Look below for a sneak peak at a FEW of the materials we will use for the above programs.

How To

  • Attract clients and future employees online*

  • Bring your personal history into your career

  • Automate*

  • Price your “IT”

  • Prioritize your to do list


  • What is success to you and how to know you have achieved it*

  • Building your brand kit*

  • Mission/Vision*

  • Your money mirror

  • Money as a relationship

  • Transforming your money legacy

  • Gratitude and Appreciation


  • Done for you website copy

  • Where and How to Book Talks

  • Done for you marketing materials for your talk

  • Simple Productivity Checklist*

  • How to take payments*

  • Recommended list of business and marketing resources

  • How to attract from networking and referrals

  • How to attract clients from talks and workshops

Boss Coaching: Packages & Rates
Wheat Field

Psalms 92:12-14

Ask yourself: Can people flourish under my leadership? 

If they cannot flourish why would they stay planted?

Boss Coaching: Quote
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