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Ignite Your Light

Do you go to work, yet can come home and spend hours doing __________? Here lies your truth and your passion.⠀

Here’s what you’ll discover in your session:⠀
o Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from finding work that lights up your soul⠀
o Develop a powerful vision for how you would like to use your gifts to be in service to others and how that can impact the quality of your life⠀
o Discover which day-to-day habits are are keeping you from being able to see a different future...and what to do about it⠀
o Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to begin taking action on cultivating the work and life of your dreams⠀

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Birthchart Blueprint

Get a natal chartreading or a solar return from your favorite professional & we will use this as the foundation for your personal program

By using your natal chart reading we will craft a 90-Day program to help you achieve your specific purpose and goals in your choice of 1 of these 4 areas

  • Your Partnerships

  • Your Personal Brand

  • Clearing Karmic Debt

  • Your Life's Purpose/Destiny

Get into energetic alignment with YOUR Universal Blueprint

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Meditation by the Sea


Get the Most out of Life

Ideal for clients who are uncertain of their purpose & needing additional support & accountability to take action toward finding their purpose

  • Release emotional & mental toxins

  • Deepen your intuition, gain clarity, & direction

  • Learn to surrender & trust everything is happening FOR you not TO you​

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What's Included?


All programs are created using the foundation of the Transformational Coaching Method exclusive only to HCI Graduates. 

This category of coaching is largely customized session-by-session however due to it's specificity.


  • Your connection to something greater

  • Money and your spiritual path

  • Connecting your career to your spiritual path

  • Gratitude and Appreciation

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