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I am so grateful you're here!

I'm Coach Karissa, your source for prosperity and personal growth. Stay a while and take a look around. 

I'm happy to be your guide. Click the button below that best describes why you're here.

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An Intuitive Approach

Everything happens for a reason; be it divine guidance or divine alignment. I believe that it's no coincidence you are here today. Trust yourself and trust the process.

Go with the flow.

As your Health & Life Coach I believe in support that makes a lasting difference. With that in mind I have created coaching programs to give you the tools to gain an advantage in a multitude of areas in your life. As your personal development coach I

  • Offer A series of pre-structured programs for your various needs.

  • Possess the expertise to customize programs, per individual, that use the right system, the right support, and the right accountability to help you achieve the transformation that you have been striving towards!

Below are A few specialty areas, each containing some of my pre-structured programs.  Learn more about your options in 4 EASY steps:​


The button below that best describes why you're here


The categories & choose which is best for you


Your Free Consultation with me


After your consultation, commit the next 90 days to achieving YOUR unique goals

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Life Coaching Programs

Be Well

Learn more & schedule your FREE Discovery Session

Health Coaching Programs

Be Healthy

Learn more and then schedule your FREE Breakthrough Session

Career Coaching Programs

Believe in Yourself

Learn more and then schedule your FREE  Strategy Session

Calling/Purpose Programs

Get the Most Out of Life

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